4 Types Of Lawn Mowers

If you are shopping for a lawn mower, you have a lot more to consider these days. While the majority of lawn mowers are still stand up, gas-powered units, there are many new products that could be very exciting and useful for you. For example, there are now electronic mowers and even robotic products that are starting to become more popular. This article looks at for the most common types of lawn mowers.

Riding Mowers

Riding gas mowers are still the most convenient for large patches of grass. Obviously, if you have a 1/2 acre of grass, you don't want to be pushing around a normal lawnmower. Riding mowers are nice, but they aren't necessary for small lawns. If you only have a 100 square-foot lawn to cut, you don't need riding lawnmower. They are large, and you need to figure out where to store the mower when it is not being used.

Gas Mowers

Traditional gas lawn mowers are still the most common. They are cost-effective, easy to repair, and great for lawns of any size. Of course, modern products are usually a little more sleek and quieter than old lawn mowers.

Electronic Mowers

Many homeowners are surprised to see all of the electronic lawn mowers that are now for sale. Electronic mowers are much quieter, and they can be perfect for small lawns. They cut very efficiently, but they don't have the best battery life. A single tank of gas in a traditional lawn more will cut much more grass than a full charge from an electronic one. Electronic lawnmowers are still being improved, and they probably haven't reached their full potential yet.

Robotic Mowers

If electronic lawn mowers still need to be fully developed before they are widely adopted, this is definitely true for robotic lawnmowers. Robotic mowers can be convenient for small, contained lawns that are perfectly flat. There are many things that can go wrong with small robotic mowers. They can get clogged, fall into holes, and get stuck on tree roots and bushes. They also have limited power so the blades can't always cut through thick chunks of grass. One day, every blade of grass in the world might be cut by a robotic lawn mower, but they are still mostly impractical and inconvenient.

While most people are going to invest in a gas push mower, it makes sense that they are finally becoming more technologically advanced, quieter, and efficient. 

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