What All Is Involved In A Smoke Control System Test?

When a fire starts inside of a structure, it may only have a few flames causing damage. However, the smoke radiating from these flames and what is burning is oftentimes more toxic and more dangerous than the fire itself. Smoke control systems are designed to eliminate as much smoke from a burning building as possible so people inside have more time to get out. These systems must be regularly inspected to ensure that they are functioning properly. Here is a look at some of what will be tested if you schedule a smoke control system test with a company like Zari Consulting Group.

Ductwork will be tested for leaks. 

Because the smoke is pulled out through the ducts with a smoke control system, they will be a primary point of inspection. The consulting contractor will utilize fake smoke or vapor products to check every section of ductwork for tiny leaks or large leaks by spraying or releasing the solution into the ducts while other employees watch for signs of leakage. This process can take a while because all ducts have to be checked, but it is one of the more efficient ways of testing the ducts for problems. 

Smoke dampers will be tested for functionality. 

With a properly installed smoke control system, smoke dampers are installed at entry points of the ductwork or smoke removal system to help control the flow of the smoke in certain areas. These dampers are designed to kick into action as soon as the fire alarm is triggered so smoke removal will be as efficient as possible as quickly as possible. During your inspection, you can expect the fire alarm to be manually triggered to ensure the smoke dampers kick on as they would if there were an actual fire. In some cases, the inspector will also use a solution to ensure the smoke dampers do their job by pulling the smoke at the proper levels.

Power supplies to the system will be assessed. 

The power supply to your smoke control system is the underlying component that is going to actually make the system work in the first place. Therefore, thorough electrical testing will be performed during the inspection to ensure there are no delays of electrical delivery or electrical current interruptions that could cause a lagging system in the event of an emergency. In most cases, electrical supply testing is a quick procedure, but it could easily be dubbed one of the most important parts of the inspection. 

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