Factors That Affect Where You Can Install A New Water Well

Putting in a new well takes a lot of careful planning before drilling begins. You may not be able to put the well where you want it. If the land is not developed yet, then you'll have more choices, but if there is already a home on the land, then the location of the well is governed by different factors. Here are some things that go into choosing the right location for your well.

Proximity To Buildings And Septic Systems

Local codes regulate how close a well can be placed near an existing structure on your property. In addition, a well has to be a certain distance from roads, neighbors' wells, animal pens, and septic systems.

These regulations ensure your well water won't become contaminated and that your well won't affect the water volume in a neighbor's well. These regulations narrow down your options when choosing the location of the well. You'll need a permit for the well and a county official will probably inspect your chosen location before work begins to make sure it is going to be installed in an approved area.

Composition Of The Land

The local well drilling company has experience in the type of rock in the area and how deep wells usually need to be drilled. You'll also want to know the hydrogeology of your own plot of land. You can have a study done or use maps that show the geography of your land and the water table underneath it. This helps you choose a good spot for a well without having to drill through a lot of rock unnecessarily.

You can also get a good feel for your land by just looking at the surface. Valleys are areas where rain drains naturally and fills the underground water supply quicker. Installing a well in a valley area could be better than on top of a hill. The filling rate of the well is faster and there will be less drilling required.

Convenience And Cost

Your well should be in a convenient location, if possible, but you may have to compromise to control the cost. Since your home is often at a higher elevation for the best drainage, it may be more expensive to drill close to your house.

If the best location for drilling a well is in a remote location, then you'll pay more for connecting the water pipes and electric wires, and that might offset the savings. Getting input from an experienced well driller such as Robinson Water Well is the best way to choose the ideal location of your well that balances convenience against cost.

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