Is Your HIPAA Software Meeting The Requirements Of The HIPAA Security Rule?

A HIPAA software should provide seamless navigation that is supported in multiple browsers. It should have dashboard reporting capabilities. Companies and organizations that deal with healthcare data need to be HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. Health plans, health care clearinghouses, and certain health care providers that deal with protected health information (PHI) are identified as covered entities.  

According to, if a health care provider or health plan use the services of other providers to handle certain health care functions, they are dealing with business associates. Based on, the covered entity and business associates should have a contract, or agreement between them that provides assurances for safeguards for any protected health information (PHI). A business associate can include an attorney, an accountant, a third party that handles health care claims, etc.

 A HIPAA software, in addition to making any documentation of healthcare information (e-PHI) simple to navigate, should also have added features that guard against breaches and cyber threats. A proper HIPAA software should have features to perform audits. If any security threats or breaches are identified, there should be a recovery plan. With any HIPAA software, there should be a training period for the employees using the software system. e-PHI should not be disclosed to unauthorized persons.

Covered entities that fail to comply with the HIPAA security rule face hefty penalty fines. The HIPAA security rule, as indicated by, requires that security safeguards are included in three areas: administrative, technical, and physical. Hence, covered entities should have in place technical and non-technical safeguards.

Administrative Safeguards

Under the administrative safeguards, there should be a security official who handles security policies. Personnel should be trained in how to deal and comply with security measures. Any plan implemented to safeguard breaches and threats should include regular evaluations and surveys of the system.

Technical Safeguards

Technical safeguards should allow access to e-PHI only to authorized personnel. In addition, there should be periodic audits that check for cyber threats or unauthorized access. Technical safeguards should also be put in place to assure that e-PHI is not altered or destroyed.

Physical Safeguards

Physical safeguards involve allowing only authorized personnel around facilities and devices that contain personal health information. Any HIPAA security plan should have in place safeguards to protect against unauthorized access to any physical locations and devices that contain personal health information.

Therefore, if you are a covered entity, you should choose a HIPAA software that meets the requirements for the HIPAA security rule. It is painless to use and has included features that perform audits and evaluations. For more information, contact a company like HIPAA Solutions.

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