Want A Trade Show Exhibit That Will Blow People's Minds?

Trade show exhibit rentals allow you to decrease the promotional costs of your company while increasing sales. There is just one problem; trade show exhibits have almost become a major competitive field now. What this means is that every booth you see has something really incredible to make visitors stop and check things out. It is a veritable competition to go bigger, badder, better, and blow people's minds. If that is what you want and need, here are a few tips, tricks, and trade show exhibit components you have to check out and maybe even include in your own booth.

Neon Lights

Neon lights are a big deal. They draw attention because of their fascinating glow. You can use this component to draw in visitors and make their eyes follow the neon lights to information about your company, your products, anything else you definitely want people to see.

Spinning Features

For whatever reason, people like to see things in motion. Objects, such as a company sign and logo, on a spinning feature causes people to stand, stare, watch, and read. It seems weird, but it definitely works. 

Larger Than Life Booth Spaces

When you talk about "larger than life" booth spaces, think big. No, think REALLY big, like mini-strip mall big. There is something about trade show booths that have multiple bar stools, tables, and shelves or display cases of product that make people stop and spend time in your booth. Add a couple of TVs with your infomercials running non-stop, and all of a sudden you have dozens of people crowding your space.

Three-Dimensional Projections or Experiences

Want that seriously awesome "wow!" factor? Go for the 3D stuff. Either use projectors that can project 3D digital images into the air, or offer visitors special glasses to experience your booth's special 3D features for themselves while they explore the booth on their own.

Spy Secrecy and the Haunted House Trick

Humans are predictably and overly curious. Nothing drives them more insane than something that is hidden or secret. They simply have to know what is behind the curtain or "door number 3." Create a trade show display that is hidden from the outside. Then use the old haunted house trick where you build a sort of walk-through maze that takes visitors on an adventure through your booth and leaves them with a surprise or promotional freebie upon their exit.

Remember, if you can't afford to retrofit a new trade show booth, you can always try a trade show exhibit rental.

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