How To Maintain Your Live Edge Wood Furniture

One of the most popular trends in furniture design is using live edge wood slabs. A live edge slab is a piece of wood with its natural edge still intact with all of the unique and rugged beauty on display as a part of the design of the piece. Depending on the tree from which they are harvested, live edges slabs can be found in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be used in any piece of furniture from tables to chairs to countertops. Because a live edge slab is typically a solid piece of wood, it's often a vibrant and sometimes expensive focal point in any room. It's important to maintain it properly and consistently if you want it to retain its beautiful, natural qualities without deterioration. Here are a few tips for maintaining your live edge furniture.

Dust It Properly

The easiest maintenance task is regular dusting. Microfiber cloths are the best material for the job because they are ultra soft and highly absorbent. Instead of just spreading the dust around and potentially scratching the surface, which a feather duster or regular cloth can do, microfiber actually picks up the dust and removes it without leaving marks behind. This is especially helpful on live edges because they typically have natural grooves and crevices that trap dust. Dust once a day if you can or once a week at the least.  

Don't Use Furniture Polish

Never use spray cans of furniture polish on your live edge furniture. Most of these products, the kind you can pick up in any home improvement store, just add a layer of residue to the wood slabs that polishes it only temporarily. When trapped in the crevices, the residue can build up and become difficult to remove.  

Use Natural Oil or Wax to Clean and Condition

When the your piece begins to lose a little of its luster, the best way to condition the wood is to use a natural oil or wax such as tung oil, linseed oil, or beeswax. These will clean the wood and condition it.  

Maintain Humidity

Make sure not to store your striking live edge piece in a place that's constantly exposed to dry heat, like near a radiator or heating vent. This will dry out the wood and cause it to warp. Wood is guaranteed to expand and contract no matter what, but without a consistent level of humidity, your wood can warp dramatically. Experts recommend an optimal level of 40-60% humidity in the home for safely storing and displaying wood furniture.

Wooden furniture, like that from SKAGIT VALLEY SLABHAUS, can be very beautiful and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Taking care of the furniture pieces, however, is absolutely necessary. See the above tips to help you care for the furniture and preserve them.

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