The Benefits Of Buying Loose Diamonds And How To Buy A Loose Diamond

Diamonds come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be set in an engagement ring, a necklace, or some other type of jewelry piece. If you're looking for a diamond, there are a number of benefits to purchasing your diamonds loose rather than in a setting already. Read on for a few of the benefits of purchasing a loose diamond and how to do so.

The Diamond Can Be Seen Completely

Some settings can hide the flaws in a diamond, and while no diamond is exactly perfect, you want to get what you're paying for. With loose diamonds, you can see all of the flaws and imperfections in the diamond up close and personal. The settings may hide these flaws, and you may not be exactly sure of what you have until it's too late. 

It Can Be Set in Anything

A loose diamond can be set into anything you want. Whether it's your great grandmother's heirloom wedding band or some other type of setting, you can set your diamond into anything, meaning it's customizable to your own taste. This can be a great benefit for an engagement ring. You can customize a ring for your bride that nobody else has. You can add diamonds around the center stone or keep the diamond as a solitaire. The choices are endless, and it will be a ring that you created specifically for your soon-to-be bride.

The same goes with other jewelry as well. Customize your diamond(s) in your very own setting for a unique piece of jewelry that only you have.

How to Purchase a Loose Diamond

If you aren't sure how to purchase a loose diamond, be sure to get the diamond certification, which will tell you everything you need to know about that specific diamond. Each diamond is certified with a GIA or other type of certification. Take a good look at the certification and get to know the cut, clarity, carat and color ratings for the diamond. For a better quality diamond, you may need to downsize the carat to fit with your budget.

Be sure to know your budget when you go to purchase a diamond. A loose diamond may cost you a bit more, as you are then paying for the setting and to have the diamond set, so knowing your budget ahead of time can save you the headache (or heartache) later down the road if you end up with a slightly higher price tag.

Ask to look at the diamond closely with the gem scope. This way, you can see the diamond and its flaws or imperfections before you agree to purchase. You can also ask to look at the diamond in different lighting if the lighting in the store is too bright to be able to see clearly.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a loose diamond. If you're looking for a diamond for an engagement ring, think about going with a loose diamond and customizing your future bride's ring. Get her a diamond and a setting as unique as she is.

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