Key A Close Eye On A Group Of Indoor Mailboxes And Have Them Serviced By A Locksmith

If the office that you manage utilizes a wall of metal mailboxes to disperse paychecks and important memos, it can be puzzling and irritating to be informed that one of the employees is not receiving their office mail. If you are positive that items have properly been placed inside of the mailbox, there is a chance that someone inside of the office building is guilty of stealing the items.

Address The Issue And Monitor The Area

Informing the employees as a whole about the missing items may result in everyone taking the matter seriously and someone coming forward about suspicious behavior that they have witnessed.

The person who has been taking items may curb their behavior for the time being, but it is still important to monitor the group of mailboxes throughout each day. This is especially true if you plan to hire a locksmith to change the locks on the boxes but you don't intend to have the changes made immediately. In the meantime you can use a surveillance camera or appoint one of your employees to monitor the comings and goings of your employees.

Hire A Locksmith To Change Out The Locks Or Boxes

There could be several ways that an individual gained access to another person's mailbox. They could have acquired a copy of the key needed to gain entry or the locking mechanism for the mailbox itself could be damaged. To determine how to remedy the problem, hire a commercial locksmith and explain your concerns to them.

Any portions of the box or locking device that are compromised will be addressed, and you will have the opportunity to purchase a new lock and key or to have the mailbox replaced in entirety.

If you choose to have the mailbox replaced, perhaps you would benefit by having the entire block of mailboxes replaced. Boxes that contain modern locking devices or numerical pads that require the input of a code will likely discourage anyone from trying to gain entry to a box that is not theirs. 

Be Mindful Of Who Has Access To The Master Key

If the locking devices that were replaced come with a master key that can be used to open all of the boxes, you need to be really careful about placing the key in a nondescript area and allowing anyone to have access to the location.

If you think it would be beneficial to tell one other person where the key is located, so that they can use it if it becomes necessary when you are not present, think long and hard so that you can select a person you can trust.

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