Defining Features Of A Modern Farmhouse Quilt

The modern farmhouse style is in vogue. You may have seen some pictures on social media, or heard people talking about it in passing, but what is it really? It is sort of a hodge-podge of design elements that all look like they could be in a farmhouse, but you may also see them in other places. Just to give you an idea of the modern farmhouse style, here are the defining features of a modern farmhouse quilt. 

Tufted Crewel Embroidery

Crewel embroidery is a dying art. That is because it is a type of embroidery your grandmother or great-grandmother was more likely familiar with, and those generations have passed (or are passing) away. Essentially, every bit if needlework becomes "fluffed" or "tufted" after it has been secured, and it creates this sort of almost three-dimensional tapestry look. Many modern farmhouse quilts have this sort of tufted embroidery on them. 

Definitely Quilted

It is not a quilt unless it is quilted. This means that, no matter what the rest of the quilt looks like, there is a padding/batting layer between two pieces of cloth, and that stitching has made a sort of pattern in the quilt. The pattern can be incredibly basic, with little indication of the blanket being more than a blanket and less than a quilt, to something much more complex in its quilted pattern. 

Pieced Together

In some of these quilts, the quilts are actually pieced together like traditional quilts. Bands of different shabby chic material are stitched together horizontally before being stitched to batting and a backing on the quilt. The colors are often uniform, using only one or two colors, which is in keeping with the limited supply of fabric farmers' wives would have had a hundred years ago. 

Simplistic Color Schemes

This is not a rainbow of hues, nor any neon or vibrant colors. Most of these modern farmhouse quilts have simplistic color schemes. The most common are cream, white, gray, and navy blue, although checks and stripes may be involved. The idea is to create an almost vintage feel to the quilts, while maintaining a slightly more modern look. If you want the modern look crossed with the old country look, then "modern farmhouse" is exactly the interior decorative look you have been waiting for. Check out some of the various quilts available in this style on social media sites today for ideas. 

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