Veteran Loved One Passed Away? How To Give Them A Memorable Sendoff

Veterans are former military personnel who may deserve a honor and respect. Many of them put themselves in the line of fire to preserve the freedoms that people all across the country get to enjoy every day. If a veteran in your family or circle of friends recently passed away, you probably want to do something extra special for them as a tribute to all of the sacrifices that they made. If you are in charge of planning the funeral, consider including some of the suggestions below to give your loved one a memorable sendoff that won't soon be forgotten.

Choose A Funeral Home That Focuses On Veterans

The first thing you'll need to do when planning the memorial is select a funeral home that directly specializes in veterans affairs. This is an essential step because if you go with a funeral service that is geared toward giving veterans their due diligence it really makes the entire process flow so much easier.

Funeral homes who focus on veterans understand just how sensitive the experience is for everyone involved. The deceased individual may have had strong ties with military members that they had not seen since their time in the service. A funeral home who specializes in memorial services for veterans often has ways to pull the event together almost seamlessly. They may have ties or connections to the military so it's very easy for them to get service members out to perform some of the pageantry such as trumpet sendoffs, flag folding, coordinated salutes, and gathering uniformed service personnel to be the pallbearers. When you're in the throes of grief it's probably going to be hard to handle all of this on your own. It's best to let the right funeral home take care of these vital details for you.

Choose Colors For A Vibrant Affair

Wearing black to funerals may be the standard for some but you want to be different. When sending out the invitations to the service, invite everyone to choose between red, white, or blue and wear clothing with that color in it. This is a really good way to make the event seem more like a celebration of the life of a person who gave their all for the country.

Putting together a great funeral is your way of respecting the memory of the veteran you cared about. Use these tips and add your own so the event will be a fitting farewell.

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