How Are Same-Day Dentures Different?

Do you need to get dentures made to replace your missing teeth, but heard that there are both traditional dentures and same-day dentures? Here is what you need to know about the two types of dentures.

Same-Day Dentures Have A Specific Purpose

While it may seem like the only difference between the two types of dentures is how quickly they can be made, that is not exactly true. The two types of dentures actually serve two different purposes. 

Traditional dentures require that your teeth are removed and that your gums have the ability to heal so that a mold can be taken of your gums to create the traditional dentures with the best possible fit. Meanwhile, same-day dentures are a temporary way to give you a full set of teeth while that healing process is happening. If you go to the dentist to have your teeth pulled for traditional dentures, you will likely get same-day dentures to give you teeth to use until the traditional dentures can be made. 

The purpose of same-day dentures is to ensure that you don't have to go without your teeth during the process of extracting your teeth. 

Same-Day Dentures Can Look Different

The process of creating same-day dentures can cause them to look different when compared to traditional dentures. As the name implies, the dentist is doing all of the customization to create your same-day dentures while you are in the office. This includes the sizes, color, and arrangement of your false teeth. However, same-day dentures are not going to be perfect. There is only so much the dentist can do in the office, but you still leave with an end result of teeth that look great. 

Same-Day Dentures Can Feel Different

Same-day dentures will not have the same level of comfort as traditional dentures. This is due to your gums changing as they heal from having your teeth extracted, and that comfortable fit on the day you got them is not going to hold up until you get traditional dentures. Your gums will essentially shrink over time, which causes the denture to become loose. You can come back to the dentist to have your same-day dentures relined to better fit your gums. No matter which type of denture you get, they will both need to be adjusted over time to ensure that they are comfortable.

For more information, contact a dentist who offers same-day denture services.

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