3 Factors That Impact How Aluminum Bends

If you have aluminum that you need to fabricate into a specific shape, you are going to want to work with an industrial business to make the specific items that you need. When it comes to bending aluminum, it is all about the formability, thickness, and elongation of the aluminum. You need to take into consideration these three factors when choosing a metal for your project.


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is what the aluminum is mixed with. Although you can find almost pure aluminum, most of the time aluminum sheets are mixed with other metals, which means that you need to consider the alloy that the aluminum is mixed with. The composition of the aluminum and its formability depends on what the aluminum is mixed with.

When aluminum is mixed with copper, the metal has to be anodized before it can be bent. Aluminum with copper can be bent, but has limited formability when it is cold. When aluminum is mixed with manganese, the metal has strong formability, durability, and corrosion resistance. When aluminum is mixed with silicon, the melting point of metal is lower, making it easier to move around. When aluminum is mixed with magnesium it is really strong and easy to weld.

Pay attention to what the aluminum is mixed with, as this will directly impact how formable the metal is, how easy it is to meld, and how corrosive it is.


The second thing that you need to take into consideration is how thick the metal is that you are working with. The thicker the metal is the harder it is to bend the metal. The metal has to be heated up and then, as it cools off, the metal will harden. As the metal hardens, it will strengthen.

The thicker the metal is--although it will be more difficult to bend--the stronger the metal will be when it hardens back up after it has been bent.


Finally, you have to find the elongation value as well. When the elongation value is higher, that means that the combination of metal alloys will make it easier for the metal to be shaped and formulated to your exact specifications.

When choosing which aluminum alloy combination to use to bend to your product specifications, you need to look into the formability, thickness, and elongation. Taking these three factors into consideration will help you find the right type of metal to use for your project. Contact a company like Accubend Inc. to help you with your aluminum bending services. 

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