Tactics Your Accident Attorney Can Use To Defend You And Reduce Your Liability

When defending against a personal injury lawsuit from an automobile accident you were involved in, your attorney can go down many different roads to eliminate or reduce your liability. For example, if there were many vehicles involved in the accident, then they may be able to show how someone else caused the accident to eliminate your liability. They could also show how your car wouldn't have hit another car if it wasn't hit first, so your liability should be lowered because you didn't do anything wrong.

If you find yourself defending a personal injury lawsuit, then below are some tactics your lawyer can use to try to reduce or eliminate your liability even if you were clearly at fault:

Tactic #1: The Statute of Limitations has Expired

If your accident happened a long while ago and you are just now being sued by someone else who was involved, then it is possible the statute of limitations has expired. If you are fortunate enough for this to be the case, then your accident attorney can quickly and easily get the courts to dismiss the case. 

Tactic #2: The Plaintiff Didn't Take Appropriate Actions to  Properly Prevent Injuries

One common tactic personal injury lawyers use to defend their clients in accident cases is the idea that the plaintiff didn't do enough to prevent their own injuries. For example, everyone is required to wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a car. So, if the plaintiff in your case wasn't wearing theirs, and it could have prevented their injuries, then your lawyer can successfully use this as a defense tactic in your case.

Tactic #3: You Have Discovered the Plaintiff in Your Case had Preexisting Injuries

If you or your attorney discover that the plaintiff suing you has preexisting injuries or medical conditions they are trying to now blame on you and the accident, then your lawyer can bring this to the court's attention. Unfortunately, people often file claims after an accident that include injuries or medical situations they had well before the accident. While this is unfortunate and a form of fraud, your accident lawyer will be aware of this tendency and will have a solid defense against it for you.

Tactic #4: Someone Else is Responsible for the Plaintiff's Damages

Finally, if other people can be held responsible for the damages the plaintiff in your case suffered, then your lawyer can use this defense tactic to defect the case away from you. 

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