Four Ways Laura Renee Maier's Work Represents Woman

If you are interested in modern art and feminism, you may have seen the work of Laura Maier. This noteworthy artist is especially known for her collection called Wild Woman. Pieces from the collection are auctioned off all over the world, and any money raised is donated to groups who work to empower women. But it's not just just what Maier does with the proceeds. The art itself also seeks to empower women and represent them well. Here's how.

Bold Faces

All too often in media and in art, women are portrayed as shy, subdued, and quiet. While there is nothing wrong with these personality traits, many women take them on as a result of society, not as a result of what they are feeling within. Women can be strong, powerful, and fierce. The women's faces in the Wild Woman collection are confident and bold. These women are looking straight out from the canvas with piercing, confident eyes. Other women looking at these faces are sure to feel more confident and empowered themselves.

Varied Textiles

One amazing thing about women is that they are all different. Each woman has her own gifts and her own talents to offer the world, and those gifts and talents are often the most amazing when combined. This combining of powers is represented by the varied textures in Maier's work. In Laura Renee Maier's Wild Woman collection, there are smooth and wrinkled canvases. There's clothing with ripples and intentional creases. There's soft faux fur and tough, sinewy jute. Each texture brings its own uniqueness to the work, and together they create an amazing collection.

Detailed Lines

The faces of Wild Woman, especially, are drawn in precise detail with pen. These details not only allow the faces to be extraordinarily expressive, but they also symbolize the detail within each woman's soul and mind. She is not a simple item to be picked up and set down at will. No, she is nuanced, thinking, and complex. Every pen line has a story, just like every woman has her own story with ups, downs, and everything in between.

Laura Maier's work, especially as a part of the Wild Woman collection, has served to empower women and show the world what they are capable of. Whether you buy one piece of wall art for your living room or a robe to wear in the evening, you can be a part of this movement, too.

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