Three Aspects That Will Determine The Cost Of Your Tower Painting

There are dozens of types of different types of towers strewn all across America, from huge broadcast towers to smaller, local lattice towers. Whatever type of tower you have under your watch, you will no doubt be very familiar with just how frequently you need to organize a tower painting. This paint keeps the tower from decaying in the elements, as it is a special type of paint that protects the material whether it be steel, concrete, or, on rare occasions, even wood. One thing that you may notice is that the price of tower painting may change depending on the contractor. Here are a few reasons that explain why tower painting can change price depending on the current status of your tower.


If your tower has rust, thick patches of old paint, or any other sort of visual imperfection on the surface, then the tower painting contractors will need to sandblast it before they apply the paint. These weaknesses can become much more problematic if they are simply covered up, and sandblasting takes quite a bit of effort at high altitudes. The special tools required for sandblasting need to be lugged up to the correct height, used very carefully, and then returned to the ground. This takes time and uses up materials (the aggregate used in sandblasting), both of which contribute to the cost of the tower painting. Most of the time they will let you know when sandblasting needs to take place so that you aren't surprised by a flurry of commotion and extra materials going up and down the tower. For towers in climates with a less forgiving nature, sandblasting may be a continuously required part of your service, but others might only have it done every few years. 

Extra Time

If you need your tower painting done as soon as possible, then chances are you will have the contractor working long hours in several different shifts. You could even have them working at night, if state laws allow for it. Often, this happens right before a change in seasons to make sure the tower is protected. If you do have a need for a more rushed tower painting, then don't be surprised when you see a little uptick in the overall price. Working at odd hours requires added incentive for anyone, and that additional cost is passed on to you from the tower painting company. If you plan for a more relaxed timeframe in which to complete a tower painting, then you can often save a bit of money. This is not always feasible though, and tower painters understand this and will always try to work around your needs, it just might cost a little more. 

Change In Paint

You will always have a say in what type of paint you are using for your tower. Sometimes a new type of paint that lasts even longer and is more preventative than the last generation will come onto the market, and most tower painters will recommend it. This added bump in the cost might be a bit surprising, but it is worth it because of the now decreased frequency in which you need to have your tower painted. The cost is spread out over longer periods of time, so while it may look like a price hike, it is probably similar. Always feel free to ask whether the new types of paint on offer cost more and then whether they last any longer or have any added benefits. Most tower painting crews don't mind using older types of paint because they don't really make any extra money on the cost of the paint itself. 

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