Modernize Your Parking Garage To Host Major Events Easily

Parking garages in the city or those near big convention centers tend to get a lot of traffic from events being thrown in town. On days of huge events, you will see a full parking garage and may even have to display a full sign when you are all out of parking spaces. To make your parking garage easier to navigate, you should make some upgrades to your garage that will aid customers and your employees with parking and paying. Here are some ways to upgrade your parking garage to provide a more modern approach. 

Install a QR code reader and allow payment online

QR readers are a good investment for a parking garage, especially if you want to have more than one exit and allow lanes to move more easily. Install a QR reader that allows customers to pay via your website and receive a receipt that allows them out of the parking garage. It is also a good idea to invest in a reader that can read credit card QR codes. This will allow a self-service exit that does not require another employee to accept payments or take change, which will make exiting a breeze for customers. Be sure to install a help button that will alert onsite employees in the event that a customer is having issues while at the QR reader exit. 

Go with a green light/red light system for parking spaces

One of the worst parts of traveling to an event via automobile is having to drive around to find a space. The red light/green light system makes it so that this is no longer an issue. Install lights above each parking spot and a sensor that will let the light know when a car is parked and when the space is emply. If the light is green, that will indicate to customers looking to park that the space is open. If the entire row is red, that means that there are no available spaces in that row and the customer can keep driving to another row to find a space. This will cut down on having too many cars driving around the same rows looking aimlessly for spaces. 

Make space on the entry-level or the roof for large RVs and other trucks 

One way many garages lose a lot of business is by disallowing trucks, RVs, and other large automobiles from parking. if you have a high enough ceiling allowance, open up your parking garage to large motorcoaches and trucks. You can make extra large spaces for these automobiles on the main level or on the rooftop. Allowing large vehicles to park will grant you more business and make you the first stop for big vehicles in your city. 

For more tips, reach out to local event parking lots.

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